Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Intramuros Manila

Nicknamed the Walled City, Intramuros is the oldest area in Manila. Within the walled area is Fort Santiago, the oldest Spanish fortress in the Philippines and an important historical site in Manila. Dr. Jose Rizal was imprisoned here before he was executed, it was the headquarters for the American U.S. Army in 1898 and in World War II, the Japanese used the fort to torture and hold their prisoners before they were killed.
Dr. Jose Rizal statue
Entrance into Fort Santiago
 The main gate has been reconstructed after being damaged during the liberation of Manila.
 The brick ruins are part of the oldest building in Fort Santiago. It was built in 1553 and was a barracks building for Spanish soldiers. During the American period, Army officers and their families lived here. Eventually it was destroyed during World War II. 
 A replica of Rizal's prison cell.
 Another Rizal statue and the bronze footsteps in the photo represent the final steps he took from his cell to his execution site. The bronze steps are all around the grounds.
 One of the many dungeons around the fort.
In memory of the victims at Fort Santiago.  Approximately 600 Filipino remains were found inside a nearby dungeon were victims were imprisoned by the Japanese in early 1945.
 The fort is situated at the mouth of the Pasig River that runs into Manila Bay.
After our walk through Fort Santiago we headed down the main street in Intramuros to see some of the other sites.  Within the walls there were eight churches but only two remain.  The Manila Cathedral and San Augustin Church, the oldest building in Manila (1607).

Manila Cathedral
 San Augustin Church
 A dedicated memorial for over 100,000 people who died in Manila during the Battle of Liberation in 1945.

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