Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patty's Weekend in London

 I found out before we arrived to London, that the 6 Nations Rugby match (England vs. Ireland) was in England AND on St. Patrick's Day.  So we decided to head down to Twickenham Stadium to tailgate with the fans and to see if there was a slim chance of getting tickets.  

A LOT of people at the London train station heading to Twickenham.  
 The weather was unfortunately cold and rainy which did not make standing outside for hours as much fun but we stuck it out. Once you arrive into Twickenham, the stadium is pretty close  and there are beer and food vendors set up along the street.
The stadium holds 82,000 people and is the largest dedicated rugby venue in the world.
Gotta love the foam finger!
England won 39 - 9 and put an end to their losing record against Ireland.
Brutus the Buckeye, per usual, is making friends no matter where he goes!

 Sunday was the St. Patrick's Day parade and festival.  It definitely was not the biggest and loudest parade I have attened but the 100,000 people who came out sure were having fun!  I mean when else can you dress up in all green and wear funny looking hats?  

 The "mini" version of Carnival in Rio...
 The parade finishes at Trafalgar Square with more food and beer tents along with Irish bands performing throughout the day.
We left the massive crowd and stumbled over to the Southwark area.  We met two great guys from America, Derek and Christian, who have lived in London for 10 years.  They gave me a list of about 15 more things to do and see before we leave.  Unfortunately I don't think I will get to all of it. 
Not sure what the guys in the short shorts where supposed to be dressed as but they were sure having a great time.

Banana beer - who knew!!  
It is made from the fermentation of mashed bananas. I was introduced to Mongozo beer by Derek and wow was it good (if you like bananas)!! I am not a beer drinker but I will definitely have this again.  
 The Hard Rock Cafe is a block from our apartment so we stopped there on our way home.  We sat next to an American couple, from DC, who ironically are BUCKEYE fans!  Of course Brutus appeared...
 Then a group of students from OSU walked by our table! Such a small world.
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