Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pisco Sours in Lima

We took a long weekend and went to Lima, Peru for our friend T.J.'s wedding. T.J. works with Scott and met his new bride while working in Lima. Both of us had never been there so we are excited to explore the city and attend his wedding. We stayed at this quaint boutique hotel in an area called Barranco, which is known as the bohemian district. All of T.J.'s family and friends were there so it was perfect.
Ventured a few blocks from our hotel to the Plaza de Armas in Barranco.
Pretty Chapel
Built in 1876, the 'Bridge of Sighs' is famous around the world due to composer Chabuca Granda who wrote the song "The Bridge of Sighs". The all wooden bridge is surrounded by charming cottages, restaurants and bars.
Chabuca Park Granda, a small monument in gratitude to the composer.
Although it was a grey day the temperature was in the high 60's. We spent time walking through the Miraflores area, set high on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is just a five minute cab ride from Barranco district.
A popular attraction in Miraflores is Larcomar. A shopping mall carved into the cliffs with spectacular views of the ocean.
Parque del Amor (Love Park). Surrounded by decorative mosaic walls with romantic quotes scripted into the tiles and a monument of two lovers embracing each other.
A private tennis club called Las Terrazas located in the center of Miraflores.

Downtown Lima in the Plaza de Armas. I don't know who that girl is but she doesn't look very happy about getting her picture taken. Ha Ha
Archbishop Cathedral
Archbishop Palace, located next to the Cathedral
Palacio de Gobierno (Government Palace)
Municipalidad de Lima (City Hall)
Church and Convent of St. Francis of Assisi

Huaca Pucllana, is Lima's great pyramid and most important ancient monument. It was built in 500 AD and is 25 meters high and extends six acres. It was built for ceremonial and administrative purposes.

The entire pyramid is made of adobe bricks.

They have a small park dedicated to the Lima culture with flowers, plants and animals. Llamas weigh over 400 lbs.
Alpacas, weigh around 150 lbs.
Guinea Pigs, called Cuy in Peru, and a culinary delicacy. I did not eat any Cuy nor do I think I will in the future.
A Peruvian Inca hairless dog and sorry to say but I think they are pretty ugly.

Inka Kola, a Coco-Cola product, is Peru's most popular soft. It smells and tastes like bubble gum.

Lastly, no trip to Peru would be complete if you did not have at least one Pisco Sour! This delicious drink originated in Peru around 1900 and the typical recipe is Pisco grape brandy, lemon juice and sugar. Topped with a beaten egg white. In the bowl is a popular snack in Peru called Cancha. Basically toasted corn nuts using large-kerneled corn.

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