Sunday, September 4, 2011

Andres Carne de Res

When we arrived to Bogota, we were told numerous times that we must spend at least one night at Andres Carne de Res restaurant in Chia.  There are actually two locations, the original in Chia, which is 30 miles outside of Bogota, and the other in Bogota not too far from where we live.  According to the locals and what has been written about this place, it is the most famous destination in all of Colombia and also has been compared to House of Blues on steroids.  Well of course, since they mentioned House of Blues, and having worked 12 years with the company, this grabbed my attention.

One afternoon we decided to check out the location in our neighborhood, Andres DC, to see what all the hype was about.  This place was amazing!  The restaurant is (4) floors, each level with a different theme, and holds up to 800 guests.  The 1st floor is themed as Hell, then Earth, Purgatory and finally Heaven. It is hard to describe the decor so hopefully my pictures will do it justice. When we asked to see the menu they handed us a magazine that was 32 pages!  Every possible food item you could imagine and over 800 different types of cocktails.  After seeing Andres DC we knew we had to make the trip to Chia to really get the full experience.

We had a driver to take us to Chia and bring us back so we didn't have to hassle with a taxi late in the evening.  As you approach the restaurant you know you have arrived merely by all the lights hanging from the trees, it was incredible!  It is probably one of the most interesting places I have ever experienced.  It is a restaurant, bar, dance club and theater all in one.  Once you pay your 10,000 COP entrance fee ($6US) you are escorted to your table.  The table is yours for the night so you can get up to dance and come back to a secure spot.  The food was amazing, your cocktails are served in coconut shells and they have live entertainment roaming around performing at tables.  

A little blurry but gives you an idea of what the outside looks like.
Crazy decorations that has no rhyme or reason
There are 550 tables in this restaurant with a 3,500 capacity!  
We had table number 56, Fertilidad (Fertility)
 My delicious steak with a pepper sauce on a hot iron skillet along with a baked tomato stuffed with mashed potatoes! 
Ready to dig in...
Throughout the night, four musicians roam to each table performing.
Enjoying my cocktail in a coconut shell.  
The dance floor was packed by 11pm and stayed that way for the rest of the night.
Interesting decor that definitely resembles House of Blues. This particular piece reminds me of a Chicago folk art artist, Mr. Imagination, who uses bottle caps.
This is how your bill is presented.  They definitely go over the top in every way.
 Inside the box is a flashlight, magnifying glass, bags of chocolate and your bill.
 Your billed is rolled up inside this tube. I love this idea, so creative!

I definitely now understand why this place is so popular and recommended by everyone.  It was absolutely a great night out and I am sure we will go back one more time before we leave.  

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