Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wedding in Lima

The purpose for our trip to Lima was to attend T.J.'s wedding, Scott's friend and co-worker. T.J. was working in Lima several years ago and met Carla, whose Peruvian. They are also expecting a baby girl in January. An exciting time for them both! Friday afternoon we met up with TJ's family and friends for lunch and then did some exploring.

With Carla.
Scott and T.J.
Cathy, T.J.'s mom, having her first beer EVER! 
That evening we headed north of the city to La Bolivariano Restaurant for the dinner rehearsal. Some of Carla's family and friends.
A bunch of Gringos at this table! 
Carla and T.J. with Loren, T.J.'s Dad

T.J. and his best friend from home, Angie.
The BIG DAY has arrived!

Some of T.J.'s groomsmen (Mike, Jason; his brother, and Alan)
Transportation for T.J. and Cathy, his mom.
Time to head to the church.

The rest of us, staying at the hotel, took a van to the church. We arrived a bit early so we walked next door to a bar for some libations!

Pisco Sours!

Scott took some pre-wedding pictures
Abbey Road.....

Beautiful Church

More time to kill so.....back to the bar!

The weather was perfect for an outside reception!

The floral centerpieces were gorgeous.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Hendley.

Carla and Marco, her father.

T.J. and Cathy

Cathy and Julia, the happy mothers!

Mike, Angie, Joe and Susie

T.J.'s friends and family from the states.

Me and Marco, Carla's father.

Apparently there is a Latin American wedding tradition called, La Hora Loca (Crazy Hour)! It is meant to be the high-energy transition from the first part of the reception into the party till the wee hours of the night. This was certainly a first for me and honestly every wedding should have this. It was outrageously fun!!
Balloons, hats and ties were handed out to all the guests. Then confetti canons went off! It was crazy fun!


The night was wrapping up.

Sadly, the party has ended and it was time for us to head back to the hotel. T.J. and Carla have such wonderful family and friends and I know we will keep in touch with many of them for years to come!

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