Monday, August 22, 2011

Tejo, Elvis and so much more....

We learned how to play the Colombian national sport called Tejo. It is similar to horseshoes or cornhole but with a bang! You toss a heavy Tejo (disc) onto a clay board with a target in the middle that contains four "mechas" around it (folded paper triangles filled with gunpowder). Object is to get the Tejo inside the middle ring along with hitting one of the mechas so it explodes. Different amount of points are assigned based on where your Tejo hits the board and you usually play three people to a team. First this guy, who works there, smashes the clay to create a smooth surface. He does this after each game and for his tip, you give him a beer.
Mechas, with gunpowder inside.
Tejo weighs about 4 - 5 lbs.
What the board looks like once the Tejo's have been tossed. It is a pretty messy game since you have to dig out the Tejo's with your hands.
Getting ready to play Tejo!
Lucy, Rachelle, Miguel, Mike, Jesus and Scott
Tejo chicas.
We bonded with group of Colombians who loved that fact that a bunch of Americans were playing Tejo.
Dancing with Juan...

And with Scott

As you can see, we had a lot of fun!
ELVIS ISN'T DEAD....He is in Bogota!!
An Elvis Tribute band performing at one of the pubs and surprisingly not too bad. He went all out with the white beaded jumpsuit, hair and sideburns.

Out with Scott, Gena and Aimee. Scott was being funny by putting on the traditional Colombian style hat that was given to us at a party we attended.
Hanging out at the Beer Lounge, we have become regulars.
Joe with Joanna, our favorite server at Beer Lounge and sweetest girl.
We also frequent the Irish Pub and have become friends with Melissa. Lately every time we go there she calls a friend and has them bring us a local Colombian dessert from down the street.
Monday, August 15th was a big public holiday for Colombia, La Asuncion (Assumption of Mary). Scott still had to work so I attended the local parade that took place in our neighborhood.
I love the two kids to the left who smiled for me.
Really vibrant colored floats.
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