Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life in Bogota

Although Bogota is a huge city there is not a lot of sights. So finding things to do on the weekends has become a bit of a challenge. Since our Colombian friends, Jesus and Carlos, took us to play Rana, we thought we would teach them how to bowl.
After a few more times Jesus stopped falling down.
Mike teaching Lucy how to hold the ball.
We either have the same taste in shirts or we thought plaid red and white western shirts was the bowling uniform for the day.
The Bolera Chica’s

Took a drive a little north of Bogota to have lunch at Campanario San Martin restaurant with some of Scott’s co-workers and their wives. It was a beautiful day to see the Colombian countryside.

The hotel hosted another welcome reception with an Italian theme.
Happy 4th of July!!
The hotel displayed a bunch of American decorations.
On Sunday’s Scott and I like to head to Usaquen, a neighborhood 3 miles north of us, to walk around, view the open markets and hang out at some of our favorite pubs.

Duff beer is a fictional brand of beer created from the American TV show The Simpsons. It is Homer Simpson’s favorite beer. I have never seen it sold in the United States but it was in Vienna and now in Bogota so we decided to try it. Cheers!!
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