Thursday, May 19, 2011

Volunteering in Bogota

I am volunteering once a week at the Simon Bolivar Hospital. We are there a few hours to take care / play with the kids (infants to around age 15) while the parents “take a break”. The children are there for numerous reasons; post-op, physically challenged, terminally ill or just have been abandoned by their parents. It has been extremely fulfilling and I am so thankful that I have the time now to be able to give back.

My wonderful father sent coloring books and crayons for the children. Rachelle is tearing out pages for all of us to hand out to the kids. They have been a HUGE hit, especially the crayons. Normally we hand out 2 - 3 colored pencils and then have to collect them before we leave because we don’t have enough each week. Now the kids are able to keep the crayons and take them home.
Boxes my father sent from the states to give to the kids. Special thanks to the Ashland Kiwanis Organization whose members donated some money to make this happen!!
Fell in LOVE with Luisa! I would have walked right out of the hospital with her today...but I don't think her mom would have allowed it. :-)

Jonathan is 13 and has been there for 6 weeks. He is ready to go home!

Happy kids coloring.

She has recently been abandoned by her parents. Once she is better she heads to an orphanage.
Sweet Isabella... Her mother cried the entire time we were there because she just found out her husband was leaving her.
Sleeping babies are happy babies!
The mothers taking a break and working on different activities. As you can see they also are enjoying the coloring books.

She loved coloring.
In addition to volunteering, we are working on donations for the families. Each week we bring clothes to give to the children and the parents.

Andres was so excited to color and to talk to me in English.
Giving a big cheese smile.
Santiago loved getting his picture taken
Marco was all better and just waiting to go home.
All the wonderful ladies who we volunteer with. Went to lunch to talk about new ways to raise money and get more donations. They have a hard time saying Kirsten so they call me Kiki. :)
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