Saturday, February 5, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen Wien

It is becoming bittersweet for me when we leave a place where we have spent so much time. First it was Rio de Janeiro then Montevideo and now Vienna. For me though, I am sad to leave Vienna / Austria the most. There are so many wonderful things I am going to miss it is hard to write them all down. The delicious, not low-calorie in any way, food. Their seamless transportation and pristine cleanliness. The overall culture and beauty of the country from music and art to the historical buildings and countryside. Most importantly though, I am going to miss the friendships we have made. We met a lot of fantastic people, from all over the world, and I hope we stay in touch and that our paths will cross again in our travels.

Every Tuesday night we headed to Crossfield’s Pub for quiz night. I surround myself with extremely intelligent people and reap the benefits of our team coming in first or close to first most weeks. Mike nicknamed me Hollywood because I was able to answer the celebrity questions, most of the time. Our team usually consisted of Mike, Rachelle, Alex, Markus, Ibraham, Scott and myself. We came in first at our last quiz night in Vienna so we ended on a high note!
(Scott, me, Alex and Markus)

(Scott, Alex, Markus and Ibraham)

We spent a good amount of time in Crossfield’s and became good friends with a lot of the staff. Scott behind the bar with Chris and Barry (aka Bazza)
Went bowling one night for something new to do. Rodney and Mike joined in on the fun.

Look I actually broke 100!
Just another fun night out in Vienna.

Went over to Ben and Veronica’s apartment for their winter BBQ! It was nice to have most of the Crossfield’s staff on the "right side of the bar" with us for a change!
(Scott, Chris and Ben)

(Pam, Magnus and V)

We continued after the BBQ and headed to Flanagan’s Pub.

Packers vs. Steelers
31 - 25; Packers Win!
TGI Friday’s had a Superbowl party with a full buffet and all you can drink beer so we got a group of 8 to go and watch the game. Unfortunately it didn’t come until 12:30am so we got home at 5:30am. It was worth it though, a great game!

(Barry, me, Scott and Chris)

(Laura, Bazza, Chris, Scott and Veronica)

Bazza is full!

Beer tower, wings, ribs and football!
Scott couldn’t ask for much more than that!

Go Packers!

A very happy Packers fan!

I met Veronica, Pam and Aoife out at Wein & Co. It’s a popular spot for locals and they have locations all over the city. Half of the place is a wine store with selections from all over the world and the other half is a bar / restaurant. Scott and John joined us later and then we headed to Figlmuller Restaurant one last time. I am truly going to miss the Spinach dumplings.
Had an amazing birthday in Vienna!  
We went to dinner at this wonderful sushi restaurant then Scott, as part of my birthday present, took me to see Corteo. I absolutely love Cirque du Soleil shows so this was a great treat for me and he got us front row tickets! Finished the night off at Crossfield's Pub; where else!  
The big top.
Rodney joined us at Crossfields for some birthday cheer!

One of our favorite restaurants in Vienna is Steak Point so we went there for my last night, and Mike's. Scott had to stay in Vienna a couple more weeks. Mike, in the back, up to his usual tricks.

We headed to Flanagan’s after dinner and Pam joined us. Sure going to miss these two dynamic women but I know I will see them again!

Auf Wiedersehen Wien!!

We are back in Ohio for a few weeks and then off to Bogota, Colombia. It will be nice to be home for a little bit to see friends and family. We anticipate being in Bogota for about six months so hopefully my Spanish will improve! Wishful thinking - ha ha
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