Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friendship, the wine of life....

My two girlfriends from Los Angeles, Jill and Gina, came to visit us for two weeks! It was a whirlwind tour of Vienna and Salzburg along with a five day trip to Poland. Jill asked us to sum up the two weeks in one word. I couldn't come up with an answer but after thinking more about it and looking at all the pictures, I have to say: LAUGHTER.
It was Sunday night when they arrived so we took them to Crossfield's Pub.
First on the agenda, buy our train tickets for Salzburg and Poland. Don't they look excited??
First day of sightseeing and it was rather cold outside so we decided to grab a bite to eat but most importantly try to warm up.
Went to the Hotel Sacher Cafe to have the famous Vienna Sacher Torte and Appel Strudel accompanied with glasses of Gruner Veltliner wine.
Dinner at Figlmuller Restaurant, known to have the best Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna.
Holiday season in Vienna is so pretty
Sipping Gluhwein at the Christmas Market. It is heated red wine spiced with cinnamon, citrus and a hint of vanilla. A perfect drink while you are shopping at the markets.
With coffee in hand, we are off to Salzburg!
I took them to my favorite restaurant in the Goldene Ente hotel. We ordered their famous dessert called Salzburger Nockerl with raspberries that was amazing! It is a warm souffle formed to look like three hills that surround the city.
Christmas markets were also open in Salzburg.
On the agenda for the trip was the Sound of Music tour, of course! Ironically we got the same tour guide, Peter, that I had two weeks prior with Kari.
Hellbrunn Castle
Overlooking Wolfgang Lake and St. Gilgen town
The very cute town of St. Gilgen and Mozart's mother's birthplace.
After a full day of sightseeing, we headed to O'Malley's Pub.
Gina found a new "younger" friend
Jill has men coming from all directions.
And Gina dancing with another new friend.
Partaking in the graffiti bathroom, Jill and Gina wrote our names on the wall.

We got back to Vienna mid-afternoon Wednesday and I purchased tickets for us to see the Opera, Ruskla, that evening. Having a glass of champagne before heading into the theatre.

The theatre was very quaint and we had great seats.

I am thankful for so many things and I really wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. I decided to "attempt" in making dinner for everyone. Overall I think it came out pretty well for not having the luxury of American items readily at your fingertips. I made homemade stuffing, corn souffle, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and we had chicken instead of turkey.
After dinner we headed out to watch some football.
Touring more of Vienna.
Chilling at the Grande Cocktail bar having Cosmopolitan's. We are so Sex in the City!!
What a fantastic two weeks!  It was an absolute blast to not only have Jill and Gina visit but to see other parts of this magnificent country.  I feel blessed everyday to have this opportunity!
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