Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kari's Vienna Visit

Kari, a close friend of mine and one of my college roommates, came to visit us in Vienna. This was her first trip to Europe so we had an action packed week planned. I think Kari will agree, the one thing she definitely did while in Austria was eat. We took her to some of our favorite Austrian restaurants and introduced her to the local fare.

At Figlmuller Restaurant having one of the largest Wiener Schnitzels in Vienna. Ironically it was my first time having one too.
Amused, once again, by the Opera Toilet so we took the opportunity for a photo.
Belvedere Gardens and Palace
Schonbrunn Palace
Dinner at Augustinerkeller.
Kari next to the Parliament and is ready to try her first Doner Sandwich that is of Greek and Turkish origin with roasted chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and yogurt.
Enjoying a Guiness at Bockshorn Pub and smallest bar in Vienna.
Seeing how many people we can fit into a photo taken by ourselves.
Kari trying not to get bitten. The horse wasn't in the mood for visitors.
Went to Salzburg for a couple of days and finally got someone to take the Sound of Music Tour with me! It was actually a bit disappointing. You spend most of your time in the mini van driving by the sites but you are not allowed to stop and take photos.

We stayed at a nice hotel called Hotel Markus-Sittikus which was 2 blocks from Mirabell Gardens.
Had time to show her a little bit of the city before our tour.
Stopped for lunch in the Hotel Goldene Ente and had an amazing salad with Spinach Dumplings. YUMMY!
Let the Sound of Music Tour begin!!
The front side of the Leopoldskron Castle was used as the Trapp family home, the children were boating on the Leopoldskron Lake and fell into the water. The Venetian room was copied from the castle and used as the ballroom
The Gazebo

Mirabell Gardens is were Maria and the children were seen dancing around the statue of Pegasus, and throughout the gardens singing 'Do-Re-Mi'

Stairs Maria and the children ended after signing the 'Do-Re-Mi'.
A small part of the movie had the children tapping this little dwarf on its head.
St. Gilgen and Lake Wolfgang shown in the opening scenes.
The Catholic Church were Maria and the Baron wed. This is actually located in a small town called Mondsee. Apparently during filming, the Hollywood producer hung Nazi banners around the city of Salzburg without permission. This, no doubtably, upset the city and they rest of the movie had to be filmed back in Los Angeles or outside of Salzburg.
Town of Mondsee
Just hanging out with Mozart who is promoting his chocolate candy.
Had a nice dinner at St. Peter Stiftskeller.
The following day we decided to tour the Salt Mines and Bavarian Mountains. This is something I would highly recommend anyone going to Salzburg. The countryside is absolutely beautiful!
At the very top, center of the photo, you can see Hitler's "Eagles Nest" retreat
We stopped in Berchtesgaden, which is actually in Germany, for a little over an hour before heading into the Salt Mine.
I don't normally take photos of cemeteries but I thought the setting was pretty with the fog lingering in the background.
The Salt Mines of Hallein are among the oldest mines in the World. After putting your coverall's on, to protect your clothes, you hop aboard a mine train that takes you into the center of the mountain.
Inside the Mountain
During the tour you go down two long miners's slides (each 138 ft).

Our tour guide, Andreas, with Brutus
Took a 1/2 day trip to Bratislava. This would also be Kari's third country she visited in a week. Unfortunately it rained the entire time we were there so the photos are not the greatest.

Lastly, Kari was able to get a "glimpse" of the Christmas markets before she left.
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