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Since we are so close to Slovakia, currently living in Vienna, it seemed only appropriate that we go and visit Bratislava for the day. Arriving into the city, we took the tram and headed to Old Town. As you enter into this area, St. Michael's Gate is one of the first sites you see. This is also one of the oldest buildings in town.

Hlavne Namestie (Main Square) is so quaint, I loved it!

We stumbled across this guy who was incredible! I am not sure how many instruments he was playing at once but it was definitely more than four.
Took a tour of the city in this fun car.
Bratislava has become a little famous for the unusual statues which can be found scattered over the Old Town. Rubberneck is a statue sticking out of a manhole. He has been damaged twice from cars hitting his head, so nowadays there is a road sign warning the drivers.
Schöne Nazi is a legendary figue in Bratislava from the early 20th century. It is said that he was a poor man, slightly mentally ill, who passed by the streets of Bratislava in an old but elegant suit and greeted everyone who passed by while taking off his hat and bowing to the ladies.
There’s a legend that this soldier of the napoleonic army, which went through Bratislava on its European conquest, fell in love with a local girl and stayed in Bratislava and became a producer of sparkling wine. He name is Hubert, which is also the name of this figure as well as Slovakia’s most popular brand of sparkling wine.
Two paparazzi's in action!
Town Hall

Primatial Palace
The Slovak National Theatre for Opera and Ballet

St. Martin's Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in Bratislava.
Oldest street in Bratislava
Grassalkovich Palace, home to the President of Bratislava

The Bratislava Castle sits on a hill overlooking the entire city. There has been a castle on this hill since the 9th century. This particular castle was built in the early 1900's after a fire destroyed the previous castle.
Novy Most (the New Bridge) is the bridge over the Danube and the world's longest cable-stayed bridge. The total length of the bridge is 430 meters. The main attraction is the flyer-saucer structure which is a restaurant called UFO

I actually took a few trips to Bratislava during our six months in Vienna with friends who came to visit. If you are in the area and have time, I would highly recommend stopping for a day or two to enjoy all the sights.
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