Monday, September 20, 2010

L&C European Vacation

Mom and Dad came to visit us for two weeks and we had a lot planned! Four days were set aside to see Vienna, two days in Salzburg, three days in Budapest, and three days in Krakow. Taking after my father, I created a daily itinerary to make sure they saw all the sites. I quickly was given the nickname Julie McCoy (from the TV Show Love Boat - she was the Cruise Director) thanks to Scott.
The St. Charles Church (known as Karlskirche in German) situated in Karlsplatz on the southern edge of the 1st district.
No trip would be complete if you didn't get your photo in front of the popular Opera Toilet with music. It is located in the subway station by the Opera House.
Their first night in Vienna we took them to this cozy Austrian restaurant at Kastanien Baum in our neighborhood.
We lucked out with great weather and spent the morning at the Belvedere Garden and Palaces.
Dinner at Augustiner Keller Restaurant in an old monastery cellar under the Albertina Museum and next to the Opera House. Dad also got his Wiener Schnitzel!
The Opera House
Museum of Art History
Dedicated statue of Mozart at Burggarten.
Hofburg Theatre
Rathaus (City Hall)
Took Mom and Dad to one of our hangouts in the 1st district, Flanagan's Irish Pub. Mike and Rachelle joined us!
We decided to take a trip out of the city to see the town of Eisenstadt. It is about 100 miles south of Vienna and has a population of 12,000 people. The town is most notably known for Joseph Haydn, an Austrian composer who is often called "The Father of the Symphony" or "Father of the String Quartet".
Esterhazy Palace where Joseph Haydn performed. Haydn, hired as vice director of music, composed for the Prince and lived in Eisenstadt for 12 years.
Quaint street with shops and cafes.
The original Anton Walter pianoforte from 1780 and it is assumed that Haydn played on this very piano as it was originated from the Esterhazy palace.

Last night of Austrian food was spent at Melker Stiftskeller. The restaurant was once a storehouse for wines for the Melk Abbey.
In typical Kirsten fashion, I got a horrible cold and cough and gave it to my family. Saturday we had planned on going to the Schonbrunn Palace but instead we relaxed in the apartment. We did go out to dinner to an Italian Restaurant by our apartment and we invited Mike and Rachelle. The additional gentlemen (sitting ext to Rachelle) in the photo is our server.

It was a nice evening to top off the last two weeks!
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