Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wachau!!! God Bless You

With the weather being so nice the last few days, we decided to take advantage of it and booked a river trip from Melk to Krems. Just about 50 miles west of Vienna there is a stretch of river that has some of the most amazing views of castles, churches, small towns and vineyards. This stretch from Melk to Krems is called Wachau.

First we took a train to this quaint town called Melk. Here we visited the main attraction which is the Benedictine Abbey.

View of the abbey from the train station
Town of Melk
The abbey is 200 ft. above the village on a hill. It was built by architect Jakob Prandtauer in 1702 - 1736 and was originally a palace.
Entrance into the abbey.
Inside the building (photo above) is this mural on the ceiling
The courtyard area inside the abbey

One of the most beautiful baroque churches I have seen. It is also ranked the finest north of the alps.

The dome is 60 meters high

View of Melk from the abbey

This library was incredible and the entire room glistened in the color gold.
More detail of the ceiling
Exterior of the abbey
In the exterior grounds of the abbey there is a wonderful park and garden pavilion.
More of the town on the way back down from the abbey
View of the back side of the abbey as we were heading to the boat.

Part two of our trip, we boarded our boat and headed upstream on the Danube.
Schoenbuehel Castle
Spitz is a pretty wine town. You can see some of the vineyard hills in the background. They said in a good year, they can produce enough wine to fill 1,000 buckets.
The church at Weissenkirchen which dates back to the 16th century. This town is also known for its wine-making.
Other sites down the Danube
Enjoying a cold beverage....
This is the town of Durnstein. The most visited tourist destination in the Wachau region and well-known for growing excellent wine.

High on the hill you can see what was once a medieval castle called Duerrstein (meaning dry stone). Now is just the ruins of the castle.
Approaching the town of Krems, our final destination. Krems is the 5th largest city Lower Austria with around 24,000 people living there.

Interesting group of rocks shaped as people

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