Monday, September 6, 2010

My "24 Hour" Trip to Prague

Scott had Monday off for Labor Day so we jumped on a train, from Vienna, on Friday and went to Prague. We arrived mid-evening on Friday and planned on returning back to Vienna on Monday. This is a city I have always wanted to visit so I was really looking forward to the trip. We were staying in the Old Town Square area which is near all the sites.

We had a great day Saturday walking around and seeing almost everything but Saturday night took a turn for the worse. I was walking out of a restaurant, missed a step and came crashing down rolling my right ankle. Full disclosure, alcohol was involved. My right foot quickly swelled and one side looked like a golf ball. So that ended our trip. SIGH....I am thankful we did so much walking around on Saturday and would like to go back again someday to see the rest. Here is what I got to see in Prague in just 24 hours.

Built in 1364, the Old Town Hall is located in Old Town Square. It was originally the city hall for just old town but later became the city hall for all of Prague. Now it is only used for ceremonial events. 
Other side of Old Town Hall
Astronomical Clock which is on the Old Town Hall building is one of the most popular attractions in Prague.

Church of our Lady Before Tyn is a gothic looking church that can be seen above all the buildings in Old Town Square
Church of St. James, the second largest church in Prague.
The strikingly beautiful St. Nicholas Church in Old Town Square.
In the center of Old Town Square there was a large display of flowers. I am not sure what is was for but it was stanchioned off and had a viewing platform for tourists to take photos. 
Jindrisska Tower is 66 meters (216 feet) high and has 10 floors. You can also view most of Prague from the top.
Love this old Pepsi ad on one of the buildings near Old Town Square.
Around Old Town Square
Prague Castle with St. Vitus Cathedral in the background. 
Wenceslas Square is the main boulevard area. It is a very popular area to stay and has a ton of shops, restaurants, bars and hotels
Top of St. Francesco of Assisi by Charles Bridge
Top of the 16th century St. Salvador Church by Charles Bridge
Saturday market in one of the main streets.

Luckily we did a lot of walking on Saturday or I really would have been more disappointed. Didn't get to visit Prague Castle, Lennon Wall or Petrin Hill among other sites so I am hopeful to return one day. Regarding my foot...I never went to see a doctor in Vienna, thought I could mend it on my own. It took about 4 months to fully heal. Not sure if it was just a really bad sprain or a slight fracture but I am good as new now. Thankfully!
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