Saturday, September 25, 2010

Buda or Pest?

It was a busy first week with the folks. We arrived back to Vienna on Thursday, from Salzburg, and left Friday morning to Budapest.

Mom at the train station waiting to find out where the Metro is located.

Relaxing with some ice cold beverages


Erzsebet Ter Park

The Tree of Love Locks on Elisabeth (Erzebet) Square. There is a tree protected by a  metal fence design with tons of locks. Couples pledging ‘forever love’ to each other put their love lock on the fence symbolising eternal love. A very romantic custom!

Wonderful cafes along the Danube
Four Seasons Gresham Palace

The Parliament has a gothic style. It is the largest building in Hungary and largest Parliament in Europe.
View of Parliament from the Buda side
Dad wasn't feeling well so he decided to stay at the hotel. Mom, Scott and I ventured off to the Buda side. First stop was Fisherman's Bastion which is a viewing terrace with a lot of walking paths and stairs. In the Middle Ages, the fisherman were responsible for defending this stretch of the city walls.
In the center of Fisherman's Bastion
St. Matthias Church at Fisherman's Bastion
Around Fisherman's Bastion area

Chain Bridge and view of the Pest side

Buda Castle

View of Buda Castle from Chain Bridge
Chain Bridge
Had a fun night out at John Bull Pub. Mike, Rachelle and Rachelle's parents joined us.
Castle of Vajdahunyad which is now the Museum of Agriculture.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The hills are alive.....

Our first trip out of Vienna was to Salzburg. Parents were well rested and ready for the 2 1/2 train ride.
Took a tour of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's residence.
Also visited Mozart's birthplace
Beautiful Salzburg
Ocktoberfest was being celebrated while we were there. The streets were filled with rides, food vendors, music and of course lots and lots of beer tents.

Austrians do love their large pretzels
Salzburg Cathedral
Part of the Salzburg Museum
Had a very nice dinner at Gasthof Alter Fuchs restaurant. Dad also really liked our server, maybe it was because he was trying to get my Dad drunk on pinecone liqueur.
Festung Hohensalzburg sits high above the city with wonderful views of Salzburg. I tried to find the "easiest" way to get to the castle, as well as see the Nonnberg Abbey, for my parents. Looking at the map it appeared that taking a bus a little further north would be the best choice so we could just go downhill to the abbey and then to the castle. Well....that was not the case. We ended up having to walk up a rather steep hill along with numerous steps to get to the abbey. It was worth it for the views but probably not the best choice for the parents. They were troupers and we made it. We took the funicular railway down from the castle which was a lot more pleasant!
View from the castle.
Amazing views walking up the hill to the Nonnberg Abbey
The Benedictine convent of Nonnberg is considered one of the oldest nunneries in the world.
A nun hard at work
Took a lovely morning stroll through Mirabell Gardens and Palace. I could picture Fraulein Maria and the Von Trapp children singing and dancing around the flowers and fountain.
Trying to look as graceful as the statue. Not really working - Ha Ha

Of course we had to partake in Ocktoberfest with a bratwurst and beer

The Hotel Mozart, where we stayed

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