Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vienna, unser neues Zuhause

Our new home for the next 4 months is Vienna, Austria. I had to jump through some hoops to be able to stay the full 4 months but it worked out and I am ecstatic to be here. Scott had already arrived weeks before so he was able to quickly introduce me to the city.

We moved into a lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment in the Josefstadt neighborhood west of the inner city (tourist area). Also known as the 8th district. The city is broken out like a grid which makes getting around extremely easy and their public transportation (subways, trams and buses) is the best I have ever experienced. Below is what the city grid looks like to give you a sense of where we live compared to the main area (district 1).
Some pictures of our neighborhood and apartment.  Our building is the gray building on the left right before the trees.
On the corner of our street is this cute apartment complex and fountain. I know I will be spending time on the bench reading a book in coming months.
Another side street in the neighborhood. The city is very clean and they are also very conscientious about recycling plastic and paper products.
Just one of many churches in the city
Our home away from home for the next seven months!
The living room / dining room.  With the shades closed it appears darker than it really is. There is so much light that comes through we rarely use the chandelier.
View from a different angle. We have a small balcony through the doors and the fireplace does work. I am looking forward to using it during the winter months.
One my favorite rooms is the kitchen.  Not because I like to cook, because I do, but because it is red :-)
The apartment has a foyer which leads to the different rooms. It is not a huge apartment but definitely spacious for two of us.
One of the two bathrooms. Heated floors and heated towel rack; doesn't get much better than that!
Master Bedroom
Second Bedroom
Third Bedroom and has its own bathroom

I know we have several visitors coming over the next 6 months so it will be great that everyone will have their own room and bathroom.  

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