Friday, August 27, 2010

Naschmarkt in Vienna

Naschmarkt is a lively area that sells pretty much anything you can think of and is open daily from lunch until the late hours. Down two long walkways there are food, beer & wine, florists, and speciality shops as well as nice restaurants. One thing I love about Vienna is there are a lot of restaurant choices. You can eat from a different country everyday if you wanted.
Olives anyone? You can get olives stuffed with a variety of fillings. Some popular fillings are cheese, almonds, jalapenos, wasabi and your basic pimientos.
More food stuffed with cheese - Delicious!
Restaurants have inside and outside dining.
For those who spend a lot of time with me, you know I LOVE SUSHI! I honestly could eat it everyday. Lucky for me there is no shortage of sushi places in Vienna so I plan to eat as much of it as I can. This was my lunch at a restaurant in Naschmarkt. During lunch they have reasonably priced lunch specials. The bowl has chicken curry & vegetables. I couldn't finish it so I had it for lunch the next day.

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