Monday, April 6, 2009

Carmel & Monterey

Now onto life adventures!! Scott moved to Los Angeles early 2009 until he was assigned to his next project for work. We decided to take advantage of the time off so we took a road trip to Carmel and Monterey. From Santa Monica on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) it takes about 4 1/2 to 5 hours to get to Monterey. What an amazing drive up the PCH! This is pretty much your view all the way to Monterey.
Pacific Grove is a coastal town in Monterey county. The city has more Victorian homes per capita than anywhere else in America.
Cannery Row is their water front street filled with shops, restaurants and hotels. Was the setting for John Steinbeck's novels Cannery Row and Sweet Thursday. The area is also home to a large population of California sea lions.
Sea lions, sea lions and more sea lions....
They are so cute but very smelly!

The Lone Cypress Tree you will see in Pebble Beach along the 17-mile drive. It is estimated to be over 250 years old. The drive is a gated, two lane road with approximately 20 landmarks.
After spending a couple days in Monterey we headed down to Carmel Beach. What a beautiful place! I could definitely live here.
Pebble Beach Golf Course
We decided to book a tour to go whale watching. As the boat was heading out, we past  Seal Rock and saw more those adorable, smelly seals.
Yes that is a big Orca coming toward our boat! It was truly amazing!
Momma Orca and her babies
We had an amazing trip to Monterey and Carmel. I am glad we were able to take our time and drive up the PCH and make stops along the way. Those are the best road trips and so much more relaxing. Our next trip we will be visiting Joshua Tree National Park.
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