Sunday, June 27, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 in Montevideo

It has been a ton of fun being in Uruguay during the World Cup games. Congrats USA! You made the country proud and gave us something to cheer for! Also, happy 10 year anniversary to Mike and Rachelle who renewed their wedding vows today.

Watching USA vs. Ghana
Happy Uruguayans after their win against South Korea.
Kids celebrating after Uruguay won against South Korea
Uruguay vs. Ghana was an exciting game and so fun being in Uruguay when they WON! We went to our favorite restaurant / bar called Bar 21 to watch the game and celebrate with our Uruguay friends.

Showing our support for Uruguay
Mike, Rachelle, Joe, Norm, me and Scott
Right before they won!
Rachelle and I with Ignacio, a very happy Uruguayan!
Celebrating out on the street
Owner of Bar 21 with Scott
We decided to glitter up in the spirit of the win!
The crew with Sophie, who Rachelle and Mike have "adopted" as their niece.

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