Sunday, May 23, 2010

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Our friends, Mike and Rachelle, rented a car and we headed up the coast to see Uruguay's most upscale resort destination, Punta del Este, and other smaller towns. Punta is known for their beautiful beaches, high end resorts and lavish homes. It is a summer resort destination for the wealthy Southern Americans!

First view of Punta del Este
Marina in Punta del Este
The famous city landmark is Playa de los Dedos (fingers in the sand).
Made by a Chilean artist in 1982, he was inspired to make a sculpture of a hand drowning as a warning to swimmers due to the rough waves on this particular beach.
Very pretty and very blue church on the point in Punta
Drove 30 km east of Punta and stopped in a small town called La Barra. A quaint inlet that flows from the back bay area of Maldonado out to the Atlantic Ocean.

The bridge that leads from Punta to La Barra is rather unusual. It reflects the waves crashing on the nearby rocks where the river meets the ocean. Crossing the bridge is like riding a roller coaster
Surfers with Punta in the background

We also stopped in a town called Piriapolis which is considered the second premiere resort in Uruguay. From any point of the town you can see Cerro Pan de Azucar, a 493-meter high hill and Uruguay's third higheast point. You can drive or take a chair lift to the top to visit Templo de San Antonio for a panoramic view of the city

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