Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nuestra casa en Montevideo

Since Montevideo is not a huge tourist destination is was rather difficult to find a furnished apartment. But luckily Rachelle found this apartment and since they had already secured their own we were able to snag it!  The apartment is located on the Rambla, which is the street that goes along the coastline of the city. During the day there are people walking, biking and running along the Rambla.

View from our balcony looking down the Rambla

Another view from balcony, straight out to the water

In the front part of the apartment is the living room and dining table

Dining area
Leaving the front of the apartment there is a long hallway that takes you back to the kitchen and bedrooms / bathrooms

Behind the door at the end of the kitchen is the laundry room. We have a separate dryer which is not normal in apartments due to the amount of electricity it consumes. Instead, they hang their clothes on clothes lines.

The hallway that leaves the kitchen and takes you to the 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms

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