Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Her Name Is Rio

After an unfortunate 10-hour flight delay in Houston, I arrived into Rio Thursday night. Scott had arrived earlier in the day so he came to the airport to get me. As soon as you get through customs there are kiosks with people shouting at you to take their taxi. They offer you a ride into the city for R$85 - R$90. Since Scott has been to Rio before, he knew to not take their offers and find a taxi outside that would charge us by their meter rate vs. a flat rate. So in the end it only cost R$50. You realize how vulnerable you are when you don’t know the city you are in and how you are being scammed. Also for anyone who travels to Rio, only take the yellow cabs.

We are staying at the JW Marriott in Copacabana and lucky for me it is across the street from the beach. Copacabana is the center of activity both night and day. Along the beach there is a bicycle path, lifeguard posts, public bathrooms, hotels, bars and open-air restaurants. It doesn’t matter the time of day, this area is always booming with activity.

After settling into the hotel, we headed to Shenanigans Irish Pub, which is located in Ipanema and Scott's favorite bar in Rio. There we were greeted by many of his friends and had a fun night out.

Friends reunited!  
Scott with Mike, owner of Shenanigan's and Bruce from New Orleans but now lives in Rio.
 Yes...that is a sketch of Scott. Yes...he frequented Shenanigans a lot! Ha Ha
 The actual picture that was used to make the above sketch.
On Sunday's they block off the entire street.
More fun nights out at Shenanigan's.   
As you can see, we are having fun in Rio!
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