Monday, May 18, 2009

Sequoia National Park

After we left Yosemite, we decided to head to the park famous for its Giant Sequoia trees, including the General Sherman tree, the largest tree on Earth. The General Sherman tree grows in the Giant Forest, which contains five out of the ten largest trees in the world, in terms of wood volume.
Tunnel Tree

Where we stayed inside the park
More Sequoia's

One last stop before we leave was to climb to the top of Moro Rock.  It is a large granite dome found in the Giant Forest area.
You take a quarter-mile trail to the site then climb nearly 400 stone steps to the top of the rock (6,725-foot elevation).
We made it!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Yosemite National Park

I have always wanted to visit all the major national parks in the U.S.  Since we have time off and live in California, it was only natural for us to take a trip to Yosemite National Park.  The park extends from 2000 feet to more than 13,000 feet above sea level and covers about 761,266 acres or about 1,189 square miles. 

Vernal Falls is one of the shortest (317 feet) and most spectacular trails in the park. You get very close to a water falls, and very wet, as you climb 1.3 miles to the top.

Still climbing...
Top of Vernal Falls

Rising nearly 5,000 feet above Yosemite Valley and 8,800 feet above sea level, Half Dome is a Yosemite icon. The 16-mile round-trip hike to Half Dome is not for you if you are out of shape or unprepared. You will be gaining elevation (for a total of 4,800 feet) most of your way to the top of Half Dome. This trip we did not climb to the top but I hope to next time we visit the park.

You can see Half Dome, Liberty Cap, Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls in the picture below. Gives you an idea how high Half Dome is to hike compare to the falls
Picture shows Vernal Falls (lower) and Nevada Falls which we hiked.

After reaching the top of Vernal Falls, the trail takes you to Nevada Falls. It is 1.5 miles to the top walking up a steep rocky slope path that zig-zags.

Top of Nevada Falls
Liberty Cap
More beautiful falls

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lake Tahoe

We both wanted to see Lake Tahoe so we got in the car and 500 miles later arrived into Tahoe. I understand why this is a huge destination both in winter and summer. Stayed at the Hyatt Regency and Casino in North Tahoe, which was a wonderful hotel.
This picture is for my parents who stayed here in the 60's! My Dad enjoyed swimming in the pool and crossing over California and Nevada as he swam.
Some of our dream homes

I could live here....

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